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Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is the driving force behind all we do at Parkview!  This simply means that all of our adult Sunday School classes are prepared to help your needs, as well as provide you with ways to serve and get involved. As you will see in the below listing, each class has a specific name and description, allowing you to find out a little of “who they are” and “what they are about” in their class.  

You will also notice that there are general age ranges for each class, but you will find that every class has people in it that do not fall within that general age bracket. We want people to pick the class that simply fits them the best. You might be a young person that finds an older class that works better for you...and that is okay with us. Wherever you can “grow” and “serve” the most, is that place you need to be! We are glad that you are at Parkview and we pray that you will find a Bible study class that helps you to “be all God wants you to be”.

Please click on the below link to for a detailed description of the classes offered at each hour including a class description, age range, and teacher:

  9:00am Sunday School [click here]
10:30am Sunday School [click here]

Click here to download a printable listing of Sunday Morning Classes

Last Published: February 1, 2019 3:14 PM
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