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Children's Sunday School

Children's Sunday School

At Parkview Kids, we believe that Sunday morning should be one of the highlights of a child’s week.  In order to accomplish this, we hold an exciting time of Bible Study and activities during our weekly Sunday School time.

Every week during the 9:00 and 10:30 services, we have Children’s Sunday School.  Our 9:00 Sunday School class is for all children grades K-5th grade.  The 10:30 Sunday School class is for any child K-5th grade who has not attended the 9:00 Sunday School class, or for children in grades K-3rd who have already attended the first Sunday School but who would like to participate in an “extended teaching” time.

For the 9:00 Sunday School class, kids will meet in the children’s hall in a classroom with kids their same grade, and participate in a small group as well as fun large group time with music and a video of the lesson.  Then parents can pick them up at the end of that time back at their classroom. For the 10:30 Sunday School class, kids will attend the main Worship Service for Praise and Worship time at the beginning with their family, and then will be dismissed to class together from the sanctuary.   4th & 5th graders who have attended the first Sunday School hour will stay with their family for the entire 10:30 service in the sanctuary.   

We are using the Gospel Project Curriculum from Lifeway for both hours of Sunday School, where we are studying the Bible in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation as it really happened!  It has been an exciting time for the kids to see the “big picture” of how the timeline of God’s story all points to why we need Jesus as our Savior and how each child is special in God’s story to share His love with others and by doing so, change the world!

Join us this Sunday and experience the excitement of God’s Word together with us.  You can easily find the Elementary Children’s area at our church.  Head to the North East corner of our facility and look for the yellow hallway!  See you soon!

Last Published: August 20, 2013 11:34 AM
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