Music Ministry

The Ministry of Music is a dynamic part of the Parkview family, and worship is a priority in the life of our church. The Music Ministry Team views worship as an essential element in spiritual development and evangelistic outreach.

In the fourth chapter of John’s gospel, Jesus tells us that God the Father is looking for true worshippers…those who will worship Him in reality, in spirit and truth. In both individual and corporate worship we believe we need to practice an awareness of God’s presence, listen to His voice, respond to Him, and declare His worth. God promises to meet us when we gather in His name. His involvement in our lives is an active one and He cares not just about what we do, but who we are. Our heartfelt praise and adoration blesses His heart and leads to outward acts of authentic spirituality.

The goals of this ministry are to glorify God, to lead believers into a deeper relationship with Him and to serve as a vehicle through which the Holy Spirit will draw people to Christ. We do not consider ourselves to be entertainers – we are a ministry team at Parkview Baptist Church. We invite you to join us.


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